Warning: These Female Athlete Fails Are So Awful, You Can’t Look Away…

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When the Colombian cycling team took to the stage after winning an event, the crowd was stunned by what they thought were nude riders! At first glance these uniforms leave the viewer in shock until you realize it was just a very poor color selection.52embarrassingsportswomen

A little coordination can go a long way when it comes to playing volleyball. Diving in order to save the ball from hitting the ground takes skill. It may look easy but it requires timing to the utmost extreme. Speed and the all important hand-eye coordination comes into play, especially in the image above.8embarrassingsportswomenWhat would happen if your hand-eye coordination is off just slightly? You could not only miss the ball, but you could get hit in the face if you just happen to miss the ball with your hand. In the image above, it looks like it is going to hurt pretty badly.

Not only does this look painful for her, but this picture is even painful to look at in general. With what looks like a miscalculation on the long jump or possibly pole vaulting, this poor girl took a wrong turn. Check out the placement of her neck too, yikes! We can only assume this is not the type of performance she “aimed” for, especially at the Olympics. Let’s just hope that the athlete didn’t twist her neck or sustain any other injuries from the incident! Just looking at the picture can make anyone cringe, let alone imagining what this might have felt like.


In this action shot, we see Portuguese runner Clarisse Cruz being nearly trampled to death in the Olympic event known as the steeplechase. This particular event is similar to a mini obstacle course that spreads out to 3000m and is considered one of the most difficult in the games. Clearly, there are “downfalls” to such a tricky event and Clarisse knows that better than anyone. While the steeplechase is Cruz’s specialty, she ended up finishing in 11th place that year with a final time of just over nine minutes and 32 seconds. We can only imagine how much better she would have placed had she not fallen!