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DANVERS, Mass. — Two babysitters have been charged with assault and child endangerment after a video shows them putting a baby inside a refrigerator.

Police sources confirmed Wednesday that the teenagers are accused of putting a child inside a refrigerator on Monday and posting a video of the act on social media.

“We were notified by Swampscott (police) of video involving an infant child,” Danvers police Chief Patrick Ambrose said.

The disturbing video shows the baby crying before being put inside the refrigerator by one of the teenagers. The two girls are heard laughing after closing the refrigerator as the child continues to cry.

The child’s mother said she asked her niece and a friend to watch her daughter for a few minutes so she could take a shower. “I was horrified. I was in shock,” the mother said. “I’m traumatized from that. I don’t want anyone near my child anymore.”

The DA’s office said they are prevented by law from additional comments on the evidence. Police said the child is doing well and at home with family.

“I know she wouldn’t hurt my daughter and that wasn’t her intentions. I think it was all foolishness, stupidity,” the baby’s mother said. “I will no longer be leaving my children with my niece or her friends again ever in my life.”

The juveniles were charged with child endangerment and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

They were arraigned Tuesday in Salem Juvenile Court. The Department of Children and Families is also involved in the investigation.

“Be careful who you leave your children with,” the baby’s mother said. “You can’t trust anyone, not even your own family.”